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Older stuff (2010 and earlier)

› Projects

The trike.

The jet engine/pyromaniacs dream - Updated December 2010

An excercise bike/pedal powered generator

› Tools

The battery-powered Arc Welder

A plasma cutting power supply

Coming soon - Compressor, power hacksaw, air-carbon-arc cutting and a tube bender.

› Electronics

A 14 V 25 A charger/power supply

Various electronics will be added soon. To include: 25 amp 12V charger, various timer circuits, a HF arc starting box for tig welding/plasma cutting, fluorescent lamp drivers.

› Programming/Software

A program for calibrating thermocouples. Probably the first useful program I've written, but most likely only of interest to a very small group of people. It's released under the two-clause BSD license. For more information see the included readme file.

› Random Things

Some links to various sites that have inspired some of things on here

Random quotes that I happen to like

› Future Projects

Some electronic instrumentation for the trike (speedo, etc)

A second trike